BattleLore (2nd Edition)

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Ages: 14+
Play Time: 45-90 minutes
Players: 2

Designed by: Richard Borg
Manufactured By: Fantasy Flight Games

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Set in the vibrant fantasy realm of Terrinoth, BattleLore Second Edition is a board game of intense, squad-based warfare for two players. The game pits the strength and military intelligence of the noble Daqan Lords against the bloodthirsty brutality of the Chaos-worshipping Uthuk Y’llan. In this game of tactical prowess, you will vie for the upper hand, collecting victory points both by securing vital objectives and by dominating your opponent on the field of battle. Through clever utilization of the battlefield and the power of lore one player will triumph in the end. Prepare to go to war!

Create New Battlefields and Armies Every Game

A game of BattleLore Second Edition begins before any swords are drawn by mustering your armies and arranging the lines of battle. When using the scenario generation system, you will secretly select a scenario card which presents your initial goals and setup areas. Your card is then combined with your opponent’s chosen scenario card to construct the field of battle. By placing the cards facing each other, you will be able to create the full battlefield for the coming game. Your scenario card indicates both your starting set-up hexes and your special rules,including text that describes any additional opportunities for gaining victory points. For example, on the Mustering the Militia scenario card, the Daqan Lords player will score extra victory points for every round he controls two building hexes, whereas with the Blood in the Water scenario card, the Uthuk Y’llan player will score extra victory points every time he destroys a unit near water.

After the battlefield is formed and terrain is laid down, you have the opportunity to muster a new army in every battle, allowing you to customize your army according to your preferred style of play. You and your opponent each begin with an equal amount of muster points, and spend them in order to enlist the units that will best fulfill your objectives. When you deploy your army using deployment cards, you will use decoys to fill up your possible setup hexes. This keeps your opponent from knowing exactly where the first attacks will come from.

On top of the possible combinations of scenario cards, BattleLore also includes rules for a narrative campaign, chronicling the efforts of the Daqan Lords’ garrison to defend Nordgard Castle against the oncoming Uthuk Y’llan invasion. Every battle of the campaign matters, because the winner of one battle has much more flexibility in the next. A victor of a battle in the campaign is granted a choice of scenario cards for the next battle, while their opponent is forced to play with the scenario card assigned to them.

When both lines are set, the deployment cards are revealed, the decoys are removed, and the battle begins! In BattleLore, the battlefield is divided into left, center, and right sections, and units are given orders according to their section. Because only a limited number of units can be ordered with the command card you play each round, you must choose carefully where your orders can have the maximum impact on the enemy’s forces.