Big Move Games is a small internet / retail game store located in Franklin, TN (just south of Nashville.) My wife (Shana) and I began this business in the spring of 2009.

We enjoy not only the games themselves but also the dynamics they bring. For us, gaming is really like sharing a meal together; an invitation to relationship. In a culture that is losing it’s ability to relate well with one another, gaming offers a fresh and fun way to gather together again.

We enjoy most genres of games but are particularly drawn to the Euro style games. These games tend to focus on resource management, efficiency, and usually incorporate a good amount of the “fun factor”. Party games are always a hit with the right people and cooperative games bring a new experience to most newcomers.

We also have four small children and enjoy spending family time around the table. We have discovered many “adult” games that our kids adore and have found many “kids” games that we enjoy as much as them. We are continually looking for games that engage both the parent and child and encourage some aspect of learning. Many kids games provide opportunity to learn or practice cognitive and dexterity skills. These games are a huge asset for creative parenting times.

Our current favorite games can be found on this website under “favorites”.

One of the things we enjoy most about this venture is the interaction with our customers and getting to know a bit of their stories. We have introduced many folks to the world of gaming and it is great to see their excitement grow. While it would be difficult to forge relationships with everyone, we try to make it a priority to engage all of our customers at a personal level. So please feel free to drop us an email telling us about you, your favorite games, or maybe a gaming story.

We look forward to serving you and hope we can provide you the best customer service you’ve experienced.

Thank you for your support,
Rod and Shana
Anna, Payton, Mia, Micah