Game Players Age Time
Ticket to Ride 2 to 5 8+ 45 to 60 min
Carcassonne 2 to 5 8+ 45 to 60 min
Settlers of Catan 3 to 4 10+ 60 to 90 min
Wits & Wagers 3 to 14 10+ 25 min
Dixit 3 to 6 8+ 30 min
Say Anything Family 3 to 6 8+ 30 min
Lost Cities 2 8+ 30 min
Hive 2 8+ 15 min
Young Kids (3-5)
Go Away Monster! 2 to 4 2+ 10 min
Viva Topo 2 to 4 3+ 20 min
Froggy Boogie 2 to 4 4+ 20 min

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Why board games?

In a culture wired to technological gadgets and video entertainment, we increasingly are being deprived of essential face to face social interaction. Quality time spent together is becoming rare. Playing board games together provides a context and invitation to a fun way of relating to one another. Whether with family or friends, playing games is a great means to an end, strengthening relationships and building friendships. Games can provide an opportunity and excuse to be together, socialize, talk, and have fun.

Game Suggestions

If you are new to gaming, the table to the right offers some suggestions to get started. Many of these games are entry level games designed to be learned quickly and played in 45-60 minutes.

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